Waterloo Award Winning Photographer

Waterloo Award Winning Photographer ~ Best In Class

Kim Coffin; Waterloo Award Winning Photographer.  This fall has been wonderfully busy, so busy that I haven’t shared my awesome news yet!


I am an Accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).  Each year PPOC has a Regional Image Salon, where members submit up to 4 images and those images are judged by a panel of 6 judges.  Each of the images receives a score of either not accepted, accepted, merit or excellence.  From there the top scoring images qualify for awards, and the judges decide the winners.

Well, my “Life On The Rocks” received a Merit and I received the Best in Class for Editorial!

I am so honoured to receive this award knowing what tough competition I was up against.

To receive some more information on how we can help with your photography project, contact Kim here

Waterloo Award Winning Photographer - Press Release

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