Professional Photographers – Why hire a Pro?

Professional Photographers…Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

You may wonder why you should hire a Professional Photographer and not use your Aunt Helda with her new digital camera and big lens, or your friends neighbour who is “doing photography” on the side or that photographer down the road that hands you all the images they took on a disk.  When you are looking to have family portraits you are proud to show on your walls, newborns images that you want to keep forever in albums or frames, or professional headshots for your business cards and website you should invest in a Professional Photographer.

First and foremost… Yes, there is an investment when you choose a professional photographer, but it is an irreplaceable investment…it takes more than a DSLR (digital SLR camera) and pushing the shutter button to get a great image.


What to look for in a Photographer…
Do they customize their photography sessions?
Do they accompany you through all points of service?  or just for the session?
Do they have the experience?
Are they organized?
Do they have testimonials?
Are they Insured?
Are they a member of a recognized photography association?
Do they have a website?
Do they have info on “What to Expect” & “What to Wear”?
Do they offer a consultation prior to your session?
Are they dedicated to newborn & child safety?
Do they have backup equipment?
Do they have a backup Photographer?
Do they offer professional looking images?  Is the quality consistent?
Do you get to see the images within 7-10 days of your session?
Do they use high-end Professional labs?
Do they Guarantee their products?
Do they offer a 100% Satisfactions Guarantee on your session?
Do they have a large supply of props?
Do they offer a Customer Loyalty Program?
Do they offer secure archiving?
Do you connect with them?


When you hire a professional photographer, you are investing their skill and experience in lighting, posing, backgrounds, props, post production as well as a creative eye for making you and your family look your best.


The experience… believe it or not, but a photography session can either be the best…or the worst experience of your life.  A professional photographer has experience and is skilled at handling a large group, a teenager with attitude, a two-year old who is trying to throw a temper tantrum,  a colicky newborn and all of the “why’s” listed above.

Excellent customer service
…is part of the package with Kim Coffin Photography.  High quality Canvas, Albums, Image & Gift Folios, Birth Announcements and Print Enlargements using High-end Professional labs & suppliers is always included.  Kim immerses herself in the preparation, the shoot itself, the creative editing & enhancing and everything in-between until delivery, ensuring your expectations have not only been met, but exceeded.
Professional Photographer 

A great organization that supports Professional Photographers and is trying to raise the bar in the photography world is the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).  The PPOC Accreditation Process and Image Salon demands a high level of consistency and quality from their photographers.  When choosing a PPOC Accredited Photographer for your photography needs, you can rest easy knowing you have selected someone who will deliver excellent imagery.

To become an accredited member of the PPOC, a photographer must submit “10 images of 10 different subjects in 10 different poses from 10 different photo sessions and have enough variety in the submission to show the photographers creative and technical ability”  in their chosen field(s) of photography to a panel of 5 judges.  All 10 images must be accepted by the judges to become accredited.

From the PPOC website…“Accredited Professional Photographers are specialists in their chosen field of photography.  Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer is capable of delivering image excellence in that field and sets them apart as being industry leaders.”  


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Professional Photographers of Canada

Professional Photographers of Canada