Waterloo Newborn Photography ~ Capturing your little one FAQ’s

What is involved in a Newborn Photography Session?

I am frequently asked this by mom’s and dad’s who are interested in capturing images of their little one.  A newborn photography session with Kim Coffin Photography (me) is very relaxed and slow paced shall we say.  We run completely on newborns schedule…if baby wants to eat, we eat…have a cuddle, we cuddle, get a new bum, we get a new bum.

It is also a time for the mom to sit back and relax while I do the work, I might need her for a pose or two, but most of the time she gets to relax and enjoy.  I recommend that mom bring a book, magazine, snack and a coffee.  She is always a few feet away, but this is a little pampering time for the new mom as well.

I schedule 2-4 hours for a newborn photography session, sometimes baby is very cooperative and we have all the images we want in 2 hours, however generally we use at the 3-4 hour time slot.

Newborn Photography Waterloo

Waterloo Newborn Photography

Why do you recommend 5-12 days old for newborn photography?

*They sleep longer
*Usually their skin is not peeling yet
*They curl up easier and that is great for those curly poses
*They don’t mind being naked 🙂
*Generally they aren’t colicky yet

What else do I need to know?  (little things for mom…)

*The day of your scheduled session, put light and loose clothing on baby; we want to avoid clothing marks on baby’s delicate skin
*Keep baby on regular routine that day and feed right before the session
*If nursing… 2-3 expressed bottles are recommended but not necessary
*A soother (if baby takes, even if just for 20 seconds) can really help calm a fussy baby and sooth into sleep
*Extra clothing for baby and mom (incase baby pee’s on you…cause they will pee)
*Wear light layered clothing, it will be very warm to ensure baby is very comfortable naked
*Don”t forget your book or magazine, snack and a coffee!

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See you soon!


Kim Coffin is a Waterloo Photographer and owner at Kim Coffin Photography.  She is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and specializes in Children, Infant & Family Photography and serves the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area.


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